Muxman MXP files - Sub-Picture Stream
ver 1.0
The Sub-Picture Stream contains some attributes common to the entire sub-picture stream along with the list of files that will comprise one sub-picture stream in the segment.
new changed statements.
Item=Sub-Picture Stream
	Stream Number=int
	Language Extension=int
	Display Mode=unspecified | Letter | Pan | Letter/Pan | Wide | Wide/Letter | Wide/Pan | Wide/Letter/Pan
	File=*.sst | *.sup see note, see also sst format
	Item=Sub-Picture Play
		File=*.bmp | *.tga | *.sst | *.sup | *.vob
		Time Code=NTSC non-drop | NTSC drop | PAL
		VobID=int	 \
		CellID=int	  \
		Story=int	   > vob files only
		Angle=int	  /
		Substream=hexint /
		Start=hh:mm:ss:ff	(.sup/.vob only, see note)
		Forced Start=No | Yes	 		     \
		Origin=int x,int y			      \
		Display Area=int x1,int y1,int x2,int y2       \
		Color 1(Pa)=hexint rule rule rule		\
		Color 2(E1)=hexint rule rule rule		 \
		Color 3(E2)=hexint rule rule rule		  \ 
		Color=int int int int				   \
		Contr=int int int int				    \
		Effect=Set Color | Fade | Wipe			     > .bmp/.tga only
		{						    /
			Delay=int				   /
			Duration=int				  /
			Color=int int int int			 /
			Contr=int int int int			/
			Start Rect=int x1,int y1,int x2,int y2 /
			End Rect=int x1,int y1,int x2,int y2  /
		}					     /
Stream Number must be in the range of 1 to 32.
Language=lang_code according to ISO 639, for unspecified omit the statement.
Language Extension is 0=not specified, 1=normal, 2=large, 3=children, 5=normal captions, 6=large captions, 7=childrens captions, 9=forced, 13=director comments, 14=large director comments, 15=director comments for children
If an sst or sup File is specified it will be expanded into the first Sub-Picture Play entries.

Time Code denotes the units used to specify Start, Display, and Duration. However, all times are non-drop format, "NTSC drop" is recognized, but translated to "NTSC non-drop".
VobID and CellID specifies the starting cell of a vob file. Start is relative to this cell, but is not constrained to this cell.
Story specifies the zero-based (0 to 7) story to demultiplex from vob. If both Story and VobID are specified the vob must contain the story or results are unpredictable.
Angle specifies the zero-based (0 to 8) angle to demultiplex from vob. Adding 16 to the angle number will restrict demultiplexing to angle/story blocks only. If both Angle and VobID are specified the vob must contain the angle or results are unpredictable.
Start time is in non-drop timecode for the system specified by Time Code and specifies the timecode within the sup or vob file of the first subpicture.
Display time is in non-drop timecode for the system specified by Time Code and specifies the time relative to the start of the segment when this Sub-Picture Play should begin displaying. For bitmaps Start and Display are interchangeable, with Display being preferred as Start is retained for compatibility with older versions.
Duration time is in non-drop timecode for the system specified by Time Code. For a bitmap it specifies the duration of the single subpicture. For .sup and .vob files this specifies the elapsed time within the file of useable subpictures.
Origin specifies the coordinate within the bitmap that is to be the upper left corner of the sub-picture.
Color 1(Pa), Color 2(E1), and Color 3(E2) are specified as hex rgb values, as used in html (rrggbb). Note the absence of a BG conversion. Any color in the bitmap that does not match Pa, E1, or E2 will be coded as BG.
rules specify how to compare the color values, and may be "<", "=", ">", "&", or "x" as in Scenarist, along with "<=", "!=", and ">=". Supported synonyms are "and" for "&", "=<" for "<=", "<>" for "!=", and "=>" for ">=".
Color refers to the PGC CLUT, values are 1 to 16, order is E2 E1 Pa Bg (the same as Scenarist)
Contr specifies the transparency, 0=transparent, 15=opaque, order is E2 E1 Pa Bg
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