Muxman MXP files - Settings Section
ver 1.0
The Settings section contains miscellaneous information related to the project.
new changed statements.
	Destination Folder=path_name
	Create Default Nav=Yes | No
	Project Name=text
	Provider ID=uppercase_name
	Temp Folder=path_name
	Region Mask=hex_int
	Number of Volumes=int
	Category= | Karaoke
	MC Extension 0=hex_int
	MC Extension 1=hex_int
	MC Extension 2=hex_int
	MC Extension 3=hex_int
	MC Extension 4=hex_int
	MC Extension 5=hex_int
		--- palette statements ---
Destination Folder is the folder where all the files for the DVD will be created.
Create Default Nav set to No will disable the automatic generation of the first play PGC, title menu, VTS1 root menu, and a PGC to play the first segment.
A default palette, named "DefaultPalette", is predefined by Muxman and is identical to the default palette used by Scenarist. This palette may be redefined. Additional palettes may be defined.
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