MuxMan DVD authoring
Professional Version 1.4.4
Updated February 19, 2013

MuxMan version 1.0 and later contains many new features to increase productivity.
Price is 35 USD, registered owners of MuxMan 1.2 and 1.3 may download 1.4 for free!
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  • Internal HiRes resize and blend engine with 64K sub-pixels.
  • Gamma-correct blending, rotation by arbitrary angle, alpha channel processing, color manipulation.
  • Compositor can resize images from video and still AND add geometric shapes, lines, text, and gradients.
  • Visual editor for setting subpicture conversion rules, color palettes, cropping, and positioning.
  • Image files may now be imported via GUI (requires setting conversion rules with above editor).
  • Karaoke AC3 files now recognized.
  • Karaoke titles can be created, includes Karaoke multi-channel extension mapping.
  • Settings tab allows setting:
    • Project name
    • Provider ID
    • Region mask
    • Volume
    • Number of sides
    • Side number
    • Transfer Function defaults
  • Drag and drop files onto file manager listboxes
  • Visual editing of palettes in RGB or YUV colorspace
  • NTSC safe color display shows you what needs to be changed.
  • Subpicture effects (fade and wipe)
  • Segment Timeline editor
  • Transition Assistant with 132 forward patterns

View the 1.0 mxp documentation, Changes for version 1.0, or MXP Examples

Transition Assistant

Text Entry

Element selector menu

16:9 composition

Import adjustment

SubPicture effects

Palette manager

Palette entry picker

Color picker RGB

Color picker YUV

MC extensions

VTS Karaoke option

Settings tab

Segment Timeline editor

Other versions including the free demo.
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