Exploring, Editing, and Setting SubPicture Palettes

Along with choosing the conversion rules you may explore the palettes to see how the converted image will appear using colors from different palettes. You may also edit existing palettes, and if desired set the PGCs palette.
When the editor is first opened you will have no PGC selected, the DefaultPalette selected, and be in edit mode
Being in edit mode means that any changes made to a palette with the color picker (click on color button, click on "custom color") will be stored back into the palette.
To enter explore mode select a palette. This can be done with or without a PGC selected.
Being in explore mode means changes made to palettes are made to a copy of the palette with an "invented" name. Unless the new palette name is changed to a non-invented (does not start with "$") the palette will be destroyed when you exit the editor.
When in explore mode you may click on the "set" button to accept the current palette. If you have made no changes to the colors in the palette, as shown here (the palette has a non-invented name), the PGC, if one is selected, is changed to use the palette.
The mode is then changed to "edit".
If you have made changes to the colors in the palette, as shown here, the palette will have an invented name.
When you click on "set" you will be asked to name the palette, and the Rename dialog will open with a suggested name.
The palette has been renamed, the PGC set to use the new palette, and we are now in "edit" mode.
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