Setting Conversion Rules

Conversion rules are used to convert images of many colors down to the four allowed in a subpicture. The rules define values and relational operators to be used on each of the color channels (RGB). Each pixel of the image is tested against the rules, first for the pattern (PA) color, then emphasis 1 (E1), then finally emphasis 2 (E2). If the pixel passes any test it is assigned that color, otherwise it takes on the background (BG) color.

MuxMan provides an easy graphical interface to set the conversion rules. First open the SubPicture file manager, select the image file you wish to work on and either double click it or click on "adjust"

This opens up the viewer in SubPicture Adjust mode which is used for setting conversion values and defining the display area and origin, as well as the colors to be displayed by the subpicture. The subpicture is displayed using the current conversion rules over the first I frame at or beyond the subpicture display time.
If you wish you may select the palette to be used for display either by selecting the PGC that will display the sub or selecting a palette from the drop-down boxes. More on exploring, editting, and setting the palette.

To use the graphical interface to pick colors from the image and set their values into the rules switch to "original" mode. Notice also that we are starting with the rules for the pattern (PA) color.

This will change to a 720x480 or 720x576 display of the image, and use a split screen to aid in selecting colors. The left half of the screen is the converted subpicture overlaying the video, the right half is the original image. Click on a point where the different colors are close by to open the magnified view

Now in the magnified view you can click on the color representing the pattern to set the RGB values for the PA rules. Notice in this example the wrong values were initially used.

The values are now set to pure blue.

Now we want to change the displayed color for PA, so click on the PA button.

This opens the dialog to select or edit a color from the current palette, or to switch to a different palette. For our project we want to change to yellow for PA, so click on the yellow button.

Then click OK to change the subpicture's PA color.

Now PA is displaying as yellow, but the edges, which should be E1, are not showing. This is because the original values for E1 are the same as PA is now.

To change E1 we first click the radio button above the E1 button to work with its rules.

Again use the magnified view to select the original color representing the edge

And instead of red we have changed the displayed color to black using the same steps as for the PA color.

If your original uses a second emphasis color follow the same steps to set its values.

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