Menu Building - Making a "Play All" title

The menu build section has 3 pages:

For this example we will start with demo5, which has 3 titles selected by buttons 1, 2, and 3. We will be adding a fourth title to play all the segments. First load up demo5, or your own project with multiple titles.

First we need to create a PGC and give it all the segments to play. Click on "Spreadsheet"

Click on "New PGC, Title/LU, Domain" to create a PGC.

This is a new title.

We named the title "play_all" and the PGC "PGC_all"

Now select "VTS01 title" as the columns. This will let us see all the PGCs in VTS01 title domain, even if they have no content.

Now click on the intersection of segment_2_scn1 and PGC_all.

Click "PTT" to add it as a chapter.

And do the same for segments 3 and 4.

Now switch to the "Navigation" tab to look at our menu's post commands

Add another "Set GPRM" after the 4th line to increment GPRM0

Add another "Jump to Title" command. This links button 3 with Title_3

Now replace the last line with a "Jump to Title" to play_all.

Now in our new title's PGC we add a "Jump to PGC in System Space" post command to return to the root menu when done

And using the "Cells" tab change cell 2's joint

to "seamless"

And cell 3.
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