Menu Building - Adding Content for a Title

In this section we are going to take the incomplete menu built in Creating and Linking Buttons and add some content to play and link to it.
You can download the files needed to build the menu and then follow along with your own video and audio files.

The menu build section has 3 pages:

Start up MuxMan and open the project

If you made your own menu and saved the project open it, otherwise open the "demo2.mxp" file

We're going to add content first, so create a new segment for the clip by clicking "new"

You can change the name or take the suggested name

We're going to start with video. Click the video "Browse" button and navigate to a video clip.

In this example we are using the extras from Coyote Ugly.

Since there are several clips in this vob we need to set the run time.

and close the multi-file manager.

Now do the same with the audio except there is no need to set the duration, the video will limit that

Now we need to make some changes to the associations between PGCs and segments. Click on the "Spreadsheet" tab.

Ordinarily we would need to create a PGC for our new title, but this project has already had default navigation added. That made our menu segment into a title, so we need to change what segment is played by the title PGC. First remove the menu segment by clicking on the intersection of segment_1_scn1 and the title PGC.

Then click "X" to remove the cell.

Click on the intersection of segment_2_scn1 and the title PGC

Then click "PTT" to add the scene as a chapter.

Or you can click on "Add Segment". This segment has only one scene, so the two buttons do the same thing

Now we have to be able to see the menu PGC to assign the menu segment to it. Open the "column" drop down list and click on "unspecified_root" in VTS01 menu

Click on the intersection of Segment_1_scn1 and the menu PGC

Click "Add Segment" or "PG" to add the menu content to the menu PGC

Now switch back to viewing all referencing PGCs

And you will see this. The last thing we need to do is set the cell still time of our menu so that it doesn't just flash onto the screen and disappear, but hangs around for the viewer to use.
Click on the "Navigation" tab

Navigate to our root menu. Click + on VTS01, + on menu, + on Unspecified_1, then click on "Unspecified_root".
Then click the "Cells" tab.

Set the cell still time to some value, 255 means forever. In this example we will wait 15 seconds
Our content is now viewable, but on the next page will see that the navigation isn't what we want
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