Importing SubPicture files

Several types of files may be imported for use as subpictures. These are divided into three types of files, list, spu, and image

list currently supported is the Scenarist Subpicture Text, or sst, file.
these files contain a list of image files and the information for converting the image files to subpictures. After importing an .sst file each individual image may have its conversion data altered and effects added. The sst file format is described here

spu file types of .sp and .sup are supported in addition to internal demultiplexing of .vob
These files contain pre-compiled subpictures and can not have any conversion data or effects altered.

image files currently supported are bitmap (.bmp and .dib) of any color depth, and .tga
These files can have the conversion data altered and add/remove effects.

All file types may have highlight (button) data added although pre-compiled data containing effects should not have buttons as this violates DVD specifications.

To import a subpicture file first select the correct subpicture stream

Then click on the "browse" or "manage" button. This is the same button, it will say "browse" if there are no files imported for the stream yet, and "manage" if at least one file has been imported.

From the file browser select and open one file. SubPicture importing is currently limited to one file at a time.

Now the MultiFile manager will open up. From here you can rearrange the order, change start time and duration, and edit the demultiplexor variables for .vob files.
To edit conversion data, display area, effects, or highlights double click on the file or select the file and click "adjust"
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