SubPicture Import Fine Adjust

MuxMan version 1.2.2 added two new features to aid in aligning subpictures and setting transparency.

The area to the left of the control area now hosts two control groups. You can select which group using the buttons above the seek time entry. On startup the new alignment controls are active as the color values and conversion rules can be mostly set using the "original" view and the mouse.

With the alignment controls active you can move the subpicture in any direction one pixel at a time, and set the top-left and bottom-right corner of the display area. The origin and display_area values are displayed below the controls. The center "button" of each control shows an icon to identify the function, from left to right the controls are: align, top-left corner, and bottom-right corner.

Note: You can still make adjustments using the mouse to move or resize the subpicture.

The other change is to the color/contrast selection buttons, they are now the same as those used in the compositor. Instead of a projector there are now 6 colors to show the effect of blending, and the numerical value of the contrast is displayed in the bottom of the button.
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