Additional features of Highlight Editor

Menu pulldown allows choosing the initial link type when creating a button. Click the menu to toggle the option. When enabled (check mark present) all links in a newly created button will be set to point to the new button, when disabled all links in newly created buttons will be set to "no button".
This option is retained for future editing, and is written to the project file.

You can also change all "self" or "no button" links to "self" or "no button" regardless of cursor mode, this screenshot was taken in "button create" mode. In any of the "Link create" modes you can also use the context menu to set the link to "self" or "no button".

New Looks:
The button being edited has a blue border to distinguish it from the other buttons. The seek time entry has been replaced with the new style timecode control first introduced in the compositor. And the color/contrast controls have been replaced with the same type used in the compositor and sub import adjust.
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