Moving and resizing buttons

The highlight section has 5 pages: Moving and resizing buttons is done in the same manner as most graphic editors. While the creation of a button will create buttons for other display modes if needed, and scale them to overlay the same portion of the video image, moving and resizing is done for one display mode only, the buttons for the other display modes remain in their current position.

To move or resize buttons you must be in track mode

And enable "Show: Buttons"

move the mouse over the button to be moved until the cursor changes to the four-way arrow.

click on the button and drag the button to the new location. A dashed-line rectangle (aka wire frame) will show you the new location.

When the wire frame is in the desired position release the mouse button and the highlight button will be redrawn at the new location.

To resize move the mouse until the cursor changes to one of the resize double headed arrows
Top edge
Bottom edge
Left edge
Right edge
upper left corner
upper right corner
lower left corner
lower right corner

left click and drag the wire frame to the new size.
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