Editing button names, order, attributes

The highlight section has 5 pages:

Button names are created automatically at the same time the button is created. You may rename buttons to suit your needs or change the order of the buttons.

As always when working with buttons select a SubPicture track, not a stream.

And it is easier to see where the buttons are and additional information with the "Show: Buttons" enabled.

Renaming a button

Right click on the button, a context menu will open up.

Click on "Rename Button"

Enter the new button name. The "OK" button will be disabled (grey) if the entered name is in use. When you heve entered a unique name click "OK".

Reordering buttons

Right click on the button, a context menu will open up.

Select either "Move button up (decrease button number)" or "Move button down (increase button number)"
For our example we are going to move the button up the list of buttons (decrease button number).

The button icons, shown here without background video for clarity, have changed button numbers (upper left corner of icon) You can also right click on either button involved in the swap of positions to see that the number has changed. The top line of the context menu shows you the actual button number followed by the button name. This example has default button names which are formed from the button number at the time of creation.

Setting Force Select or Force Action

Right click on the button, a context menu will open up.

Select either "Set as Force Select button" or "Set as Force Action button".

The button icon, shown here without background video for clarity, will show either "FS" for forced select or "FA" for forced action, or both.

To remove Forced Select or Forced Action from the highlight right click on any point without a button. A context menu for the highlight only (no buttons) will open up.

Then select "Set no Force Select button" or "Set no Force Action button"

Setting Number of numerically selectable buttons

Right click anywhere on the image area, a context menu will open up, select "Number of Numerically selectable buttons".

Then select the number of buttons that can be activated with the numeric keypad on the remote.
Note: the values are limited to the number of buttons and 9, whichever is less.
The checkmark indicates the current value.
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