Adding subpicture effects

For this example we want to take a subpicture that originally starts out on with red pattern and blue edges and add the following:For more information on effects see technical details

Enter the highlight/effect editor by double clicking on the subpicture in the file manager and switching to the editor with the "controls" pulldown -> "Buttons / Highlights / Effects".

Since we are doing a fade-in from transparent we need to change the original color contrast to transparent.

Now select "fade" as the new effect to work with.

Set the "to" contrast to opaque

Since this is a fade-in the delay of 0 is correct, but we need to set the duration, in this case the value is 10.

And now a very important but easy to forget step - add the effect.

Now to add our wipe, select "wipe" as the new effect to work with. Notice that the fade effect has been added to the list with "0" preceeding the name. This is the delay (starting frame number). If you wish to change an old effect you may select it from the dropdown.

Set the delay, in this case 30 is the value we want.

Set the duration, in this case the value is 15.

Set the "to" color and contrast to black and yellow.

Click on the pattern button to open the pattern selection dialog.

Select the left-to-right pattern. Note that the pattern icons use gold for old and blue for new

Click OK.

And don't forget to add the effect.

Now our final effect, the 5 frame fade out. select "fade" as the new effect (and again you see the effects so far are in the dropdown).

This is a fade-out so set the "to" contrast to transparent.

We're going to set the delay to -5 to start this effect 5 frames before the end of presentation. Negative delay values indicate the number of frames before the end, so we can insert effects such as this without knowing the duration of the subpicture.

Set the duration, in this case the value is 5.

And once again, don't forget to add the effect.

The final list in the dropdown box.

And the resulting mxp statements for our example subpicture download

Item=Sub-Picture Play
	Time Code=NTSC non-drop
	Forced Start=No
	Display Area=0,2,719,479
	Color 1(Pa)=000000 = = =
	Color 2(E1)=0000ff = = =
	Color 3(E2)=ffffff = = =
	Color=2 2 1 3
	Contr=0 0 0 0
		Contr=15 15 15 0
		Color=1 7 3 1
		Contr=15 15 15 0
		Start Rect=0,2,0,479
		End Rect=0,2,719,479
		Contr=0 0 0 0
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