Command Line Interface
version 0.17

The command line arguments are:
[project_filename] [-d destination_folder] [-l log_filename] [-js file,file,file -jf format] [-run]
the name of the project file to load
-d destination_folder
the folder where the DVD files will be written. This name may be either the root name of the DVD or end with "\VIDEO_TS".
-l log_filename
name of the log file for diagnostic messages
jacket source files. Three .bmp, .m2v, or .mp2 files of the proper resolutions for the television system.
NTSC - 720x480, 176x112, 96x64
PAL - 720x576, 176x144, 96x80
If -js is specified JACKET_P is created on initialization of MuxMan and does not require a project.
jacket format. Deprecated and ignored. All JACKET_P images are 4:3 aspect ratio.
This will cause Muxman to run in batch mode. If a project_filename was given it will be compiled. In all cases MuxMan exits without opening the Graphical User Interface.
If -run is not specified the Graphical User Interface will open.


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