Muxman MXP files - VM Commands

ver 0.16
This reference contains information about unreleased features. Such features are shown in grey and should be considered provisional. The final implementation may change the information contained here.

This is just the syntax of the command source code, for details on the operation of the commands see vm commands (requires membership)


Any line beginning with the character # is a comment, and will not be interpretted by the assembler.
# this is an example of a comment


Any line may be labeled for reference by goto or a cell. Labels appear at the start of the line and are terminated by : (colon) and white space (blank or tab) and followed by a command.
Tag3:	JumpVTS_TT VTS01_TTL01

Compound commands

These are also known as type 2 and type 3 commands, where more than one command is combined into a single 8-byte code. Grouping may be performed using curly braces ({ and }) but is not needed except to distinguish between CSetCLnk (conditional set, conditional link) and CSetLnk (conditional set, unconditional link)
if ( GPRM1 == GPRM2 ) { Mov GPRM3, GPRM4 ; LinkNoLink, button=1 }
if ( GPRM1 == GPRM2 ) { Mov GPRM3, GPRM4 } LinkNoLink, button=1
The first command is an example of CSetCLnk, and the second is an example of CSetLnk. Notice the closing brace between the mov (a Set command) and the LinkNoLink command. This indicates that only the mov is conditional.
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