MuxMan DVD authoring
Demo Version 0.16.8
Updated June 7, 2010

Demo version 0.16.8
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The demo version is fully functional and without any time limit. It does, however, lack many of the features found in the Premium and Professional versions. Among the limitations of the standard version are:
  • No navigation dialog or command editor.
  • No seamless joints.
  • No multiplex directives.
  • No demultiplexor.
  • No EDL functions.
  • No GUI button editor
  • No SubPicture viewer
  • No Visual conversion rules setting.
  • No SubPicture effects.
  • No Karaoke support.
  • No Color Palette Management
  • No Settings editor
  • No Drag & Drop files
  • No Segment Timeline editor

Includes all script features for Navigation, including highlights for menu/BOV.
View the 0.16 mxp documentation or MXP Examples

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