Mnemonic: RSM

Hex Code:200100000000HH10   unconditional
20M100XX00YYHH10   M=1-7, Compare register XX to register YY
20M100XXKKKKHH10   M=9-F, Compare register XX to constant KKKK
Action:The RSM command resumes at the location where playback was suspended by a CallSS or MenuCall (user pressed a menu button) operation, and can set SPRM 8 to highlight a different button by setting "HH" (byte 6) to 4*button.
Order:If a compare is specified, it is performed first. If the conditions are met the RSM is executed.
Comments:The destination is not restricted to the current domain.
The CallSS command can alter the resume cell number on entry to the menu.
This command is also available as part of class 4, 5, and 6 commands.
Compare operation codes
register to registerregister to constantAlternate
1RegX & RegY9RegX & KBCBitwise compare, the two operands are anded, if the result is non-zero the condition is true
2RegX == RegYARegX == KEQIf the two operands are equal the condition is true
3RegX != RegYBRegX != KNEIf the two operands are not equal the condition is true
4RegX >= RegYCRegX >= KGEIf RegX is greater than or equal to the right operand the condition is true
5RegX > RegYDRegX > KGTIf RegX is greater than the right operand the condition is true
6RegX <= RegYERegX <= KLEIf RegX is less than or equal to the right operand the condition is true
7RegX < RegYFRegX < KLTIf RegX is less than the right operand the condition is true
Register Codes
0x00 through 0x0FGeneral Purpose registers 0 to 15 (GPRM)
0x80 through 0x97System Parameter registers 0 to 23 (SPRM)
all othersdo not use
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