Mnemonic: LinkTailPGC

Hex Code:200100000000HH0D   unconditional
20M100XX00YYHH0D   M=1-7, Compare register XX to register YY
20M100XXKKKKHH0D   M=9-F, Compare register XX to constant KKKK
Action:The LinkTailPGC command skips to the end of the current PGC and executes the post-commands, and can set SPRM 8 to highlight a different button by setting "HH" (byte 6) to 4*button.
Order:If a compare is specified, it is performed first. If the conditions are met the LinkTailPGC is executed.
Comments:This command is intended to be used as a cell or button command. Other related commands are LinkTopPGC, LinkNextPGC, LinkPrevPGC, and LinkGoupPGC.
This command is also available as part of class 4, 5, and 6 commands.
Compare operation codes
register to registerregister to constantAlternate
1RegX & RegY9RegX & KBCBitwise compare, the two operands are anded, if the result is non-zero the condition is true
2RegX == RegYARegX == KEQIf the two operands are equal the condition is true
3RegX != RegYBRegX != KNEIf the two operands are not equal the condition is true
4RegX >= RegYCRegX >= KGEIf RegX is greater than or equal to the right operand the condition is true
5RegX > RegYDRegX > KGTIf RegX is greater than the right operand the condition is true
6RegX <= RegYERegX <= KLEIf RegX is less than or equal to the right operand the condition is true
7RegX < RegYFRegX < KLTIf RegX is less than the right operand the condition is true
Register Codes
0x00 through 0x0FGeneral Purpose registers 0 to 15 (GPRM)
0x80 through 0x97System Parameter registers 0 to 23 (SPRM)
all othersdo not use
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