Mnemonic: SetTmpPML

Hex Code:0003000000000LNN   unconditional
00M300XX00YY0LNN   M=1-7, Compare register XX to register YY
00M300XXKKKK0LNN   M=9-F, Compare register XX to constant KKKK
Restrictions:This command is permitted in VMGM Pre and Post commands only.
Action:The SetTmpPML command is used to change the Parental Management Level to "L" (byte 6 lower nibble).
If sucessful the command jumps to the line "NN" (byte 7).
Order:If a compare is specified, it is performed first. If the conditions are met the SetTmpPML is executed.
Comments:If the level is being changed to a more restrictive level, the viewer is asked to enter the password for the new level.
Line numbers are relative to the group of commands (pre or post).
Compare operation codes
register to registerregister to constantAlternate
1RegX & RegY9RegX & KBCBitwise compare, the two operands are anded, if the result is non-zero the condition is true
2RegX == RegYARegX == KEQIf the two operands are equal the condition is true
3RegX != RegYBRegX != KNEIf the two operands are not equal the condition is true
4RegX >= RegYCRegX >= KGEIf RegX is greater than or equal to the right operand the condition is true
5RegX > RegYDRegX > KGTIf RegX is greater than the right operand the condition is true
6RegX <= RegYERegX <= KLEIf RegX is less than or equal to the right operand the condition is true
7RegX < RegYFRegX < KLTIf RegX is less than the right operand the condition is true
Register Codes
0x00 through 0x0FGeneral Purpose registers 0 to 15 (GPRM)
0x80 through 0x97System Parameter registers 0 to 23 (SPRM)
all othersdo not use
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