Usage guide for Compositing with Carbon Basic
Compositing Restrictions

On this page we list all the restrictions of various file formats and operations. Each topic is linked into from the Usage manual for easy reference, but this page is a handy way to check for updates.
If you have an interest in seeing a particular restriction resolved let us know by posting in the forum

AVI file format has the following restrictions:

MPEG file format has the following restrictions:

  • is not supported for direct use by MuxMan in subpictures (use a composite).
  • Only I pictures are decoded, therefore full motion is not possible.
  • Elementary stream and VOB container are fully supported
  • Packetized Elementary Stream (PES) were introduced in Carbon 0.1 and MuxMan 1.3.1
  • Program Stream (PS), Transport Stream (TS), and m2ts are in development.

SGI file format has the following restrictions:

Color Processor:

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