Usage guide for Compositing with Carbon Basic
Rendering Motion Composites

To export a sequence from a motion composite click on File then "Render to AVI".
The following dialog will open up.

From here you can select and configure which codec to use, and the frames to export.
You can choose which renderer to use and the Transfer Function. The GDI renderer cannot rotate, fade, or color process. If GDI is selected all elements in "automatic" mode will use the GDI renderer.
If HiRes is selected all elements in "automatic" mode will use HiRes. The Transfer function set here is for the avi file, and is effective only for elements rendered with HiRes.

You can also set the framerate and change the running time. The default running time is defined in the Timing tab for the composite. If you change the running time all generated graphics will be properly retimed, but motion video elements may either drop or add frames as needed to match the time increments between composited frames.

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