Usage guide for Compositing with Carbon Basic
Graphic Elements

The compositor can generate circles, ellipses, chords, pies (wedges), polygons of 2 to 999 sides, lines, vectors, arcs, squares, and rectangles of any color. All except lines, vectors, and arcs can be filled with a different color or transparent. Polygons with overlapping lines can uses multiple brushes for different colors in each of the enclosed regions. The straight edges of chords, pies, polygons, lines, vectors, squares, and rectangles can be curved.
Circleonly the size of a circle can be specified
Ellipsehere with width = 2x height
Chord240 degress (-120 to +120)
Piealso -120 to +120
Polygon6 sides, skipping 1 vertex, 2 brushes
Linelines are drawn by specifying the two endpoints
Vectorvectors are drawn from a point in a given direction for a given length.
This vector starts on the left and has an initial direction of 90 degrees with 67 degrees of curvature with a constant radius, specified by the size.
Arcfrom -120 degress to +120 degrees
Squarelike the circle, only the size of a square can be specified
Rectanglehere with width = 2x height
All of these shapes, including the circle, can be rotated. Although the rotation of a circle does not alter its appearance in a composite, it does affect any element that is tracing the circle's edge as rotation alters the starting point.

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