Color Proccessing Techniques: Emboss

Even though Carbon now contains an emboss filter, we're going to show you how without an "emboss" filter. The internal filter is faster and easier to setup, but the method described here is more flexible.
An embossed image is the result of subtracting an offset monochrome version of an image from the not-offset monochrome version of the image. But since there is no subtract function we use the negative offset monochrome version of the image.
  • start with the original image positioned and sized as you want it.
  • click on the "Color Proc" tab and set "saturation" to 0, this makes the image monochrome.
  • right click on the image and Clear Copy to the tote bag, then paste over the original - this will become the negative and offset image.
  • Still in the Color Proc tab set "Brightness" to 1000, "Contrast" to -1000, the image is now the monochrome negative.
  • Click on the "Blending" tab and set "Opacity" to 128, this allows the 2 images to mix. Since they are compliments the result is just gray.
  • Now click on the "Positioning" tab, set "Step Size" to 1, and click 2 or 3 times on the up-right positioning button.
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