Usage guide for Compositing with Carbon or MuxMan
Rendering Stills

To save a single frame of a composite click on File then either "Render to M2V" or "Render to BMP".
The following dialog will open up.
From here you can select which renderer and which frame to save. The GDI renderer cannot rotate, fade, or color process. If GDI is selected all elements in "automatic" mode will use the GDI renderer.
If HiRes is selected all elements in "automatic" mode will use HiRes.
Rendering with alpha channel requires ALL elements to be rendered with HiRes.
The Transfer function set here is for the saved image, and is effective only for elements rendered with HiRes.

You can change the file type from this dialog, and in the future more file types (such as tga) will be added, but the compositor menu will not have additional "Render to" entries.
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