Usage guide for Compositing with Carbon or MuxMan

The compositing engines used for Carbon free, Carbon Advanced, and MuxMan are all derived from a common code base and therefore are very similar. For simplicity only the name Carbon will be used in the following descriptions, but we are talking about all three programs.

What is compositing?

Compositing is combining two or more images into a single image. Advanced compositing, like that in Carbon, allows much more than simple resizing. With Carbon images can be rotated, squeezed, stretched, cropped, zoomed, panned, flipped, faded, color processed, masked, and all dynamically through a timeline. Plus Carbon can create geometric shapes, lines, text, and gradients.

The Elements

An element of a composite is one image, geometric shape, line, text, or gradient. Each has many properties that define how it will appear in the composite, so we'll break things down by the type of element.

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