Introduction to Gradients

Some of you are probably asking "What are gradients?". They are a blending of 2 or more colors according to mathematical functions to produce an image. These images are usually used as the background to a composite "plate" and can range from
the mundane solid color
to a simple shading of one color
to a blend of multiple colors
to a swirl
to very complex

The background of this page is a moderately complex gradient produced by MuxMan.

The Colors

At the top of the Color area is a dropdown control used to select in which colorspace the gradient computations are made. There are subtle differences in the results.
MuxMan has three coordinate systems for gradients, for now we will discuss only the Cartesian. In this system the 4 controls select the color and opacity (alpha) for each of the corners of the gradient, and their position on the control panel corresponds to the corners of the gradient.
Each control has a button and an up/down "spinner". The button shows the current color at the current opacity, and has 6 colors underneath to help visualize the blending. The button also displays the current opacity value.
Use the up/down spinner to raise or lower the opacity, which ranges from 0 (transparent) to 255 (opaque).
Press the button to open the color selector where you can select a color from either the RGB or YUV colorspace.

Download the project file used to create the gradients on these pages. (upgraded for use in MuxMan version 1.2, does not require "black.bmp")

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