Usage guide for Compositing with Carbon or MuxMan
Exchanging Projects

Project files from MuxMan can be read by Carbon, and Carbon project files can be read by MuxMan. However, you should be aware of one very important fact: Carbon does not retain any DVD specific information while importing a project file. In the content section audio, subpicture, and highlight streams are ignored as well as scene lists (chapter points). All navigation section data is discarded.

Importing Carbon projects into MuxMan causes no problems, the project files are identical with respect to video content. But in order to work on part of a project in Carbon and then import it back to MuxMan the easiest method of re-importing the Carbon edited portion is to load the Carbon project, then fill the tote bag with the video objects you want to import. Now load the original project and paste the tote bag contents onto a video stream. You will have to manually remove the old versions from the video stream.

Carbon uses the same syntax in project files for video objects, it is just the GUI that replaces the use of "Segment" with "Gallery", and, since only a video stream can exist, makes no reference to the stream layer.

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