Carbon Motion Compositor
Free Version 0.1.1

Initial release: June 15, 2010

Latest update: July 7, 2010

Carbon is a motion compositor rendering to avi.
Carbon contains many features previously available only in expensive software.
This free demo version contains the same compositing engine and graphical editor as used in MuxMan 1.3.2
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User guide   Polar Gradients (swirls)
Also Available Pro Basic Demo
  • Internal HiRes resize and blend engine with 64K sub-pixels.
  • Gamma-correct blending, rotation by arbitrary angle, alpha channel processing, color manipulation.
  • Compositor can resize images from video and still AND add geometric shapes, lines, text, and gradients.
  • Settings tab allows setting:
    • Project name
    • Provider ID
    • Transfer Function defaults
    • location of Help
    • default folder names
  • Drag and drop files onto gallery browser
  • NTSC safe color display shows you what needs to be changed.
  • Transition Assistant with 86 patterns
  • All onscreen elements can move, resize, rotate, squeeze, fade, etc.

Gallery Browser with large icons

Gallery Browser with medium icons

Gallery Browser with small icons

Transition Assistant pattern selector

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